What if I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Don’t panic if you don’t have dental insurance. Oftentimes, the coverage isn’t even as comprehensive as everyone needs, so you’re not missing out on much! Confused? Read this!

If you don’t have dental insurance, you should be practicing good oral hygiene to avoid any major issues. Going in for regular cleanings will help you avoid major procedures in the future. Still, we’re all more comfortable knowing there’s a company out there that has our backs financially. So, if living without dental insurance makes you nervous, here are some options to help out.

First things first: if you’re living without dental insurance, don’t fret. Dental insurance and standard medical insurance are pretty different. While medical insurance pays for a large percentage of your expenses after you meet your deductible (usually 60 to 90%), dental insurance typically pays for a smaller portion of the cost of pricier procedures.

It’s important to remember dental insurance comes with an annual maximum – once that maximum is reached, the price of any procedure you need comes out of your own pocket. So, if you feel as if you’re missing out on a great money-saver, keep in mind it’s not as significant as you think!

At Paradigm Dental, we fully understand that some of our patients will come into our office with no dental insurance, and we’re committed to ensuring we find a plan that works with their needs. We offer a 5% discount to any patient without dental insurance who pays in full on the day of their appointment. If you’re unable to do so, we have a third-party funding program that you can apply for.


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