FAQs About Dental Insurance

When Will I Pay My Deductible? 

You’ll pay your deductible at your first restorative service. There’s usually no deductible for a routine cleaning. 

How Do I Know if You Are Contracted With My Insurance Company?

We contract with most major companies. You can check out a comprehensive list of the companies we work with here. If we’re not contracted with your company, you’re responsible for the difference between what the insurance company reimburses and our office fees. Don’t worry, the difference is usually pretty small. 

When Will My Dental Insurance Be Renewed?

Most companies renew in January, but some of them renew throughout the year. Check with your insurance company for details. 

How Much Will My Dental Insurance Cover?

Here’s what most insurance companies cover: 

  • 100% regular routine cleanings, exams, X-rays, etc. 

  • 80% of basic services (extractions, root canals, fillings, etc.) 

  • 50% of major services (crowns, bridges, crown build-ups, dentures) 

You should always check with your insurance company to verify your benefits. 

I’m on a Limited Income and My Budget’s Pretty Limited. Is There a Way for Me to Make Payments?

No problem, we accept CareCredit so that you can get the care you need today. 

What if I Reach My Calendar Year Maximum, but I Still Need Treatment?

Unfortunately, in most circumstances, your insurance company won’t pay anything over your maximum until the year renews. However, we always recommend calling them to be sure. 

Is the Cost of a Regular Cleaning Deducted From My Calendar Year Maximum?

This depends on the insurance plan that you have. Some plans will deduct regular cleanings from your yearly maximum, other plans do not deduct from your year maximum. We recommend giving us a call so that we can check for you. Oftentimes, regular cleanings are 100% covered by your insurance. 

What’s a Composite Downgrade?

When you’re told you’re getting a “composite downgrade,” it means your insurance will only cover the cost of an amalgam filling (silver filling). You’re responsible to pay the difference for a composite filling (white filling) if you prefer it. 


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